Nicole Eggers-Westermann / Bangkok, Thailand
“I started my training with Jamal before he became a trainer at Aspire and his dedication to the personal trainer profession, his knowledge and his personality were the reason that I decided to continue my training with him when he moved to Aspire. Jamal was the first one to introduce me to strength training and has contributed to me feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. Working a busy office-based job I am noticing the strain on my posture and the general feeling of sluggishness that develops.
However, knowing that Jamal is waiting with the weights, the heavy sled and the monkey bars reminds me to get up and move and lets me look forward to our weekly evening session. When training regularly with Jamal, I notice an increased quality of sleep and increased energy levels, I feel strong and healthy. Jamal is a constant source of interesting facts around our training sessions and provides me with resources to gain further understanding of strength training for women. I enjoy our sessions very much and hope to be able to increase the number of sessions again in the future.”
Christian Pucher / Bangkok
I started training with Jamal in December, focusing on both strength and mobility. Many people think that normal weight = healthy, but do not realize that years of desk work and a general sedentary lifestyle will take its toll on everyone regardless of weight. After seven months now, training with Jamal, not only has my strength and mobility improved considerably, I’ve become increasingly aware of how lifestyle impacts mobility which in turn may
have serious impact on quality of life in the future. We’re essentially using training to learn to sit properly, to stand properly and to walk properly with a more efficient distribution and use of muscles. While we still have a lot of work to do, my overall well-being has improved and it’s impressive to be able to perform movements which only months ago seemed impossible.
Karsten Aichholz / Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker / Bangkok, Thailand
Jamal is one of the most professional trainers I have met. He helped me to develop a workout program that has helped me lose 10kg in 100 days. He provides excellent advice on form and really knows his stuff. Working with Jamal was great for my well-being and fitness goals. He’s my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a private trainer.
Jessica Johnson / Bangkok, Thailand
“I think the obstacle that would have prevented me from starting Jamal being my trainer would be my own self-esteem/self-image issues. I was embarrassed about not being strong enough or looking “too fat”. I was worried about what would happen if I couldn’t do what was asked of me. Hurting my back was probably one of the better things that has happened to me because it showed me that I am capable of getting strong and I am not as weak as I thought I was. He has never once made me feel insecure only encouraged me and helped build my self-esteem.

I was surprised at how comfortable I felt. At meeting Jamal and starting our training, I never once felt embarrassed. I only felt like doing better. I think a good trainer doesn’t belittle you but rather pushes you to want to do better for yourself. I am always surprised by how much weight I can lift. If I had never met him, I would have stuck with 10 pound weights and always would have been okay with that. I feel stronger and better than I have in a really long time. It also helps to gain that self-confidence after having a baby.
I would recommend Jamal as a trainer because he truly care about his clients and want them to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle. Through my injuries he has never given up on me or told me he can’t help, but rather he has adapted our program to allow me to continue working through the injuries without causing further damage. I now see my exercise program as something that is lifelong. I have learned so much about what is best for me and my body. I don’t only have to do cardio, but I can add strength and still feel good about myself, even better in fact! Thank you!”
Michel Wyss / Herzliya, Israel / MA Student in Counterterrorism & Security Studies
“While I regularly had been to the gym in the past, I lacked both motivation and time to work out properly for the last two years. Needless to say, I wasn’t really pleased with the fact that I had lost both strength and endurance and that my overall condition was far from being ideal. That’s when I heard of Jamal’s online training program. At first I was a bit skeptical about the concept of having a long distance personal trainer; still I decided to give it a try. Very soon I realized that my initial doubts were completely unwarranted. In fact, this program allows me to train wherever I want, whenever I want while still enjoying the benefit of having a personal trainer to supervise my progress, change my workout routine whenever necessary, and to answer whatever question I might have in no time. Had anybody told me about the sheer amount of progress I was going to make in only a couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have believed it. However, that’s exactly what happened and is still happening right now. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more satisfied about my training results so far. All things considered, I would recommend Jamal to anyone looking for personal coaching. Not only does Jamal know a great deal about strength, health, and nutrition, but he will also create an individual program that will cater for whatever specific need you might have. If you want to get the best out of your exercising, join this program.“
Lola Herbig / Munich, Germany / Art Historian
“At the age of 47 it is not easy to motivate yourself to go above and beyond when it comes to fitness, even if you have goals. I wanted to loose 5 – 10 kg and even more important, get in shape again. Jamal helped me reach my goals and pushed me to go even further. I don’ t think I have been as fit as I am today in the last 20 years. In just 2 months I lost 8.5 kg and shredded more than 7 cm around my waste line, while at the same time building muscle and strengthening my body tremendously. At the same time my back and shoulder pains vanished.

Jamal is an enthusiastic trainer with a very good theoretical background on fitness, muscle build-up, health and nutrition. My training plan was very balanced with sessions of conditioning, strength, and Muay Thai and therefore never got boring. While always sticking to an overall program, Jamal switched up the routine on individual trainings to keep single workouts interesting and challenging.

As a result of the training with Jamal I feel confident, healthy and strong again and even tough I can not continue my PT sessions with Jamal as I am going back to my home town, I’m determined to continue the road that Jamal put me on. I can highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer and wish him all the best for the future.”
Steve McBride / Bangkok, Thailand / General Manager
“I have been using Jamal as a personal trainer on the recommendation of my wife. Typically I am so busy with work during the week and spending time with my family at the weekend that I had rarely found time to exercise properly so commencing personal training with Jamal has brought me a routine which I badly need, albeit just once a week at the moment. Jamal designed an exercise program to suit my condition and age, and is flexible with the program each week based on how I feel (sometimes tired). I also like that he mixes things up a little, for example not just the standard stretching, cardio, weights, but also some Thai boxing routines – both interesting and different. On the personal side Jamal is always very sociable and easy to talk to. On a few occasions there has been cause for both of us to postpone the session at short notice and Jamal is very understanding. He communicates well and has never been late for a session.
In summary I can highly recommend him as a personal trainer.”
Donald Mickelwait (Age: 82) / Washington DC, USA
“I was already working on a structured training routine and wanted to continue exercising the same muscle groups, on a twice-a-week schedule. Several new exercises were an improvement over what I was doing with free weights. The variation on the basic lunge made it more valuable and helped improve my balance. The concentration on five basic movements simplified strength training to ensure that all of the basic were covered each time.
I would make an unqualified recommend for Jamal’s training approach for seniors—the routine was appropriate for my age and existing condition, sufficiently demanding that I knew it was building muscle but not exhausting. We covered all five basic movements each time. It was a pleasure meeting and learning new strength routines from Jamal.”
Robert Hibbitt / Honolulu, Hawaii
“After a 5 year layoff from exercising I needed some real help getting back in the gym. I signed up for 24 Personal Training sessions with Coach Jamal and with his help dropped 5 kilos in 5 weeks and gained muscle. I look and feel great! Jamal made training fun and gave me the tools I need to continue now that I’m in shape.”
Cham McBride / Bangkok, Thailand
“Jamal is always on time, communicates well, very clearly with his instructions and has extensive knowledge about his profession.
After I started the exercise program I was surprised that I was stronger than I believed I am, and I was able to do all the exercises that Jamal designed for me. His program was always changing but manageable because he understands my abilities.
I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer, especially because he listens to my needs and requests and adjusts the program to ensure my fitness improves.”