Consults & Contact

Interested in working with me?

At this time I am taking on a limited number of new clients provided we are a good fit for each other. I’d love to help you, but I need to get some information first. Please contact me for information regarding an in-person or Online Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching Session.

A 60min Consultation & Coaching Session includes following topics:

  • Assess and gather data
    • Body composition and Measurement (Body fat%, Circumference etc.)
    • Mindset (readiness of change)
    • Lifestyle (work, social support)
  • Nutrition
    • 3 day Food journal (Quality and Quantity of your Food)
    • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (RMR, Physical Activity)
  • Fitness / Physical activity
    • Current Fitness Level and Training Goals
    • Physical activity level
  • Goal Setting
    • Outcome vs. behavior goals
    • Specific goal (weight or body composition)
    • Improved relationship with food
  • Identify liming factors
    • Physical activity
    • Recovery / Stress / Sleep
    • Mindset / Life skills
  • Action Plan
    • Together break goal down into smaller steps
    • Identify different Strategies
    • Online check ins regarding progress / consistency

For more information: