Barbell Strength Program for Men

Happy to announce this one month program for men.

➡️Seminar: Tuesday 5th June (free admission)
➡️Program start: 11th June – 7th July

�� Why this program?
Strength training is the key element for everyone, especially man. A lot of man are interested in lifting barbells and training, training on their own and following some of the popular beginner training programs. Most man are unable to execute the lifts proper and safely and that is missing factor in their strength progress and many times the start of journey of program hopping and never really reach their goals. I was one of them too. Only how to learn the lifts proper and finishing my novice linear progression program ended in the getting strong, gaining body weight and confidence. And you can
benefit from that too. Guaranteed!

�� How does it work?
We incorporate progressive, functional full body barbell exercises. The goal of this program gradually progress every session to guarantee safe improvements and adaptation

�� Benefits of Strength Training for Man
-Increased self-esteem and confidence
-Increase in muscle mass
-Increased basal metabolic rate (amount of calories your body burns at rest)
-Increase in bone density
**Requirements: A desire to improve, be the best you can be

��What’s in Barbell Strength Program for Gentleman
– 12 (or 8) semi private training sessions with Coach Jamal, who successfully runs the program for women this month and makes them stronger beyond their expectations.
– Strong emphasis on correct lifting technique in the back squat, overhead press, deadlift and bench press
– Having fun training together with like-minded man and building friendships
– Practical understad and application of strength training principles. Understand where you are and which programs are worth following if you are a novice or early intermediate lifter.
– Nutrition advice and support to maximize results
– Mindset and Confidence: shifting away from aesthetic goals to more performance goals and embrace the concept of voluntary hardship, a guiding principle for both training and life. Man will get very confident from starting lifting proper weights.
– Tracking of health (circumference, body fat) and performance (the main lifts)
– Probably more progress in one month, than years of spending time in the gym before

If you have any questions or like to join the seminar or program, please contact me here:

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