The Best Investment You Can Make

I am very interested and have been active for quite some time in various personal development groups. Some online and some locally. I see personal development as a very important part of my life, and it should be for you too. There are plenty of topics we can learn about from other, and even go on to master them. These learnings include topics like public speaking as it teaches you how to become a better man, a better performer, and to become more confident. Basically a lot of soft skills we all have to master in life.

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First Place at the Area B1 International Speech Contest. Now is time to make the speech better and compete in the Division Contest. Hard to believe, but I also positioned second in the Table Topics Contest. Means I can still compete in both, prepared and impromptu speaking. 🙏🥇 . . . . . . . . . . . #Toastmasters #publicspeaking #tabletopics #SchoolOfGreatness #WhereLeadersAreMade #toastmastersinternational #softskills #publicspeaker #leadership #communications #investinyourself #alwayslearning #changinglives #helpingothers #leadbyexample #whatisyourwhy #motivation #inspiration #fitness #health #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #instafit #fitnessmotivation #fitstagram #instagramfitness #livehealthy #healthiswealth

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I’m amazed at how often people are willing to spend a lot of time and money on themselves, from joining public speaking groups to attending mastermind classes, even flying abroad and attending multiple day inspirational seminars. But when you ask them how they’re investing in their own health and well-being, the answer is mostly zero to not much. I believe that finding a way to invest in your own health will always prove to be a good investment. You will always be the best asset that you ever own.

How to start

If you are reading this, the assumption is that you are a person who is interested in becoming the best version of yourself. You read books, online articles, and listen to podcasts . The missing puzzle piece to your overall personal development is only your health and wellbeing. Most information you find online regarding how to start a proper exercise program are probably confusing and too complicated. The complexity of a complete exercise program usually means you have to invest time and money. The best investment you can make is to find a good local coach who can help you build consistency, holds you accountable and teach you proper movement patterns.

In times where we all are busy and stressed out, we need to find the minimum effective dose that gives us the biggest bang for our buck, or the greatest return on your investment. That is why I created this semi-private group training program.

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The idea is to have multiple people training at the same time. Two to maximum four in one hour. The focus is to learn and master functional full body barbell exercises. Basically normal human movement patterns loaded with a barbell

Why this program?

Strength training is the key element for everyone, especially women. Women progress quickly. After realizing how simple it can be to increase strength and confidence in female clients and the subsequent outcome, how they encourage and inspire each other, it is time to bring this idea to a broader audience. The mission of this one month program is to help more women, who never even thought about having strength goals to improve their body composition, health and fitness. Most women will highly benefit from starting a proper strength training program, instead of doing HIIT, light weights or cardio only.

If you are a male reader and interested in the same, very cost-effective way of training, let me know. The plan is to run the same program for an all-male group over the next months as well.

This experience will benefit you physically, mentally, and emotionally. When the weight gets heavy, you will understand and embrace the value of hard physical work. Something lost in today’s society, where most of us only sit all day and always try to find the easy way out. Proper strength training will prepare you for most day- to-day situations and increase your quality of life as you age. A very important factor regarding investing in our future.

If you have any questions about training in general or the program above, please write them in the comments below. And share this post with one of your friends or family members, who needs some help and will benefit from a proper exercise routine. Remember, sharing is caring. Thank you.

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