5 tips to stay healthy and active while traveling

During my 2 week trip back home to Switzerland, I tried many different ways of keeping active and to continue with some kind of training (or better yet, a workout) routine. I intentionally did not sign up to any gym here, because I wanted to try different activities, training methods, etc.

In this article, I only discuss activities. Nutrition, sleep quality, and other lifestyle factors I will cover in another blog post.


My 5 favorite traveling activities here are:

  1. Bicycle

My number one activity for local traveling is using the bicycle. It is summer here, not so many cars on the street (compared to Bangkok) and it’s an awesome way of being active and exploring the surroundings. Almost every day I ride my bike from my friend’s place (386 MASL) to my parents’ home (551 MASL). That is 165 meters difference in altitude. I try to do that distance in less than 15 minutes. It is brutal and gives me a cardiovascular and lower body muscle endurance workout combined in one.



  1. Any kind of sport

Sometimes I forget how much fun it can be to participate in sports I used to love as a child. When a friend of mine asked me to join their team in an amateur football tournament I was really excited. We played 6 games of 12 minutes each. Unfortunately, we lost every game because we didn’t play football for ages. I tried to score a goal like Shaqiri in the UEFA EURO 2016, but it just didn’t work like on TV. LOL….

It is a fun way to move around and to play sports you may not have done since childhood.


  1. TRX Workouts

Every other day I try to do a workout using the TRX Suspension Trainer and some Bodyweight exercises. I focus on different movements which need extra attention.  In the gym, I only use it for my clients to target upper back and rear shoulders, which is the most underdeveloped area of most people I usually work with. It is definitely refreshing to try different movements with that tool.


I will do all these 3 supersets but also incl. TYI Pulls which are not shown on the video.

Even my mom and my aunt bought their own TRX suspension trainer after I showed them a quick and effective workout they can do every day. Now I just need to make sure they will still use it when I am back in Bangkok.


  1. Mobility routine

Traveling is the perfect time to focus on mobility work. After sitting long time in a car, I prefer to do my mobility routine asap. It’s also the perfect activity if I have little time or if I am sore from playing football or other training.

Here is my mobility routine:



  1. Hiking

Hiking in nature or urban hiking in the cities is an awesome way of exploring the cities and surrounding nature spots while still being active. And you can easily reach your 10’000 steps daily walking target. I will be participating in a family hiking trip this coming weekend in the mountains. I am sure it will be great and loads of fun.

To summarize my points, you don’t need to find a gym on vacation to stay active and healthy. By doing normal holiday activities, just using a bicycle and participating in recreational sports, you can maintain fitness. Also, use some the spare time to focus on mobility and “corrective” work. With all that in mind. Happy holidays.

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