Top 3 reasons why Muay Thai can help Improving Women’s Health & Fitness

Through my work as a fitness professional, I work with women who are very concerned with their fitness and health goals. Many women try to find the most efficient and trendiest workout to stay in shape or achieving a strong and curvy body. After teaching different types of training methods, one of the best and most fun activities for weight loss, strengthening the body and improving cardiovascular health is Muay Thai or Kickboxing. These days they are so many opportunities for women to train Muay Thai. The traditional Muay Thai gym, all the big fitness gyms and smaller more private boutique gyms, all offer Muay Thai training for female fitness enthusiasts and beginners.

Here are my personal 3 top reasons why women should start Muay Thai fitness training:

Strengthen Your Body
Muay Thai offers a workout for the entire body. Every part of your body is trained when participating in a well programmed Muay Thai class. From training your core, to toning up the legs and arms. You will train all the large and even the small muscle groups that helps you to get the strong body and sexy curves you desire.

Weight Loss
Since the entire body is involved, you get to burn a huge amount of calories in a short amount of time. Muay Thai Fitness is a high intensity workout, which means the calorie consumption rate will stay elevated high even when the workout is finished. In combination with a clean and healthy diet, this helps you to reach your weight loss and general health goal.

Stress relief
Muay Thai is amazing for stress relief. It doesn’t matter if you feel stressed from a busy day at work or from a disagreement with your boyfriend, you can eliminate all your stress and frustration through kicks, knees, punches and elbows.

There are many more benefits to start training Muay Thai. Try to participate in a Muay Thai Class next time you are at your gym or ask a Muay Thai coach or Personal Trainer for a training session. It will be fun….



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